Meet the Team!

We're a new small business, so it's important to make sure we have a strong team of appropriately trained and qualified advisors in our Croydon office. So without further ado here's your introduction to the team that makes up Ruskin Square Ltd, aka the FSB Insurance Service!


 David Perry

I’m David and everything is my fault! I’ve had a long and varied career in Insurance and set up the original FSB Insurance Service, back in 1993. If I want to sound posh I say I’m from Surrey but, actually I’m from Croydon which is why I support Crystal Palace. I love music, play the guitar and still harbour ambitions to become an internationally famous rock superstar... Insurance is pretty exciting too though!


 Tim Lazenby

I’m Tim, a married man with two sons who hails from North Yorkshire. I do like to be beside the seaside and I do exactly what I’m told. I staggered into insurance broking 42 years ago and have been there ever since. My first client as an “International” Insurance Broker came from Blackburn, but most importantly provided a lot of the equipment for the first successful ascent of Everest.


 Katie Freemantle

I’m Katie and I am the Sales Manager at FSB Insurance Service. I have nearly 10 years’ experience in Commercial Insurance, so hopefully I know a thing or two. I’m a local Croydon lass, but like to holiday abroad as much as possible! My other hobbies consist of going to the theatre or music concerts, shopping (I always need a new handbag or pair of heels) and going to see the mighty Tottenham Hotspur win lots of trophies… 😉


 Anne Butler

I’m Anne, the Northern Area Development Manager at FSB Insurance Service, originally  from North Yorkshire, so appreciate good value as you would expect. I’ve been working with the FSB for over 25 years now, 21 of which has been looking after the Insurance requirements of Members. Anyone who knows me will tell you I love my holidays especially if there is an opportunity for my new hobby of Zip Wiring!


 Craig Johnson

Hi I’m Craig, I am a Commercial Sales Advisor at FSB Insurance Service, joining Ruskin Square from LV= after 3 years working within Personal Lines. I am a fan of coffee mornings, socialising in the evenings and am a football fan. I follow Chelsea FC and regularly play football with my greatest achievement being playing in the 1st round of the FA Cup.  


 Emmanuel Shobowale

My name is Emmanuel and I am a Sales Advisor and Account Handler for new businesses. I am Cert CII qualified and have been working in insurance for one and half years. In my spare time I am an avid sports fan and enjoy reading various books. I am currently looking forward to learning another language this year as well as learning how to play an instrument!


 Funke Akindileni

Hello, I’m Funke and I work as a commercial new business sales executive at FSB Insurance Service. As a mother of one, I love to squeeze in a bit of “me time”, with a regular manicure and pedicure to make me feel spectacular!!! If I’m lucky enough to get some extra time to myself, I turn to my inner detective and watch crime documentaries. I also enjoy going to church and spiritually enhancing myself to be the best version of me.


 Jordan Henson

Hi everyone! My name is Jordan and I am Commercial Sales Advisor for FSB Insurance Service. I have a degree in Sociology and Psychology meaning I enjoy learning about what makes people tick. I’m a simple guy so I don’t take part in many hobbies however I am a huge boxing and MMA fan and am also partial to a Netflix binge now and then! I look forward to helping you all with your insurance needs.


 Liam Airley

Hi everyone, I’m Liam and I am part of the commercial sales team at FSB Insurance Service. I love sports and am always up for trying a new one, from abseiling to zip lining I want to try them all. You may also catch me in the cinema because nothing beats a good movie, my all-time favourite being Goodfellas or Gran Torino. If I’m being honest even a really bad horror movie can hold a place in my heart… did anyone mention a Final Destination binge session? I love to cook but prefer to eat, so if any part time food tasting jobs come up don’t hesitate to call me!


 Rajmin Miah

Hi I’m Rajmin and I’m part of the Sales team at FSB Insurance Service. I have 3 years’ experience within the insurance industry. Just to delve into a few of my hobbies; I love to go to spin classes, I enjoy working out without knowing its exercise. I enjoy great food particularly street food love a good food festival... I've been to a few around London! I’m a sucker for being a tourist in my own city and love to explore new places.


 Andy Baker

I’m Andy and I’m the Underwriting and Broking Manager at FSB Insurance Service. I have held a number of underwriting positions with various insurers during the past 20 years. Originally from the Midlands, I have lived on the South coast for the past 10 years and the novelty of living so close to the sea has still not gone away. In my spare time I love hill and mountain walking in the UK, Austria and Slovenia.


 Katherine Heubeck

I’m Kat and I do all the Marketing at FSB Insurance Service. My previous role was with the online review website Trustpilot so I’m used to start ups! I’m from Leicester but moved to London during the 2012 Olympics with my pet cockatiel. I’m a big fan of podcasts (mostly comedy, current affairs and true crime) and listen to a few different ones on my commute.


 Vicky Dodsworth

I’m Vicky and I’m the Finance and Operations Administrator for FSB Insurance Service. I have seven years’ experience working in the insurance industry, having previously worked for Arthur J Gallagher. I studied medieval history at university and in my spare time I love to read, knit, and watch true crime documentaries. 



My name's Russ and I'm the mascot of Ruskin Square, or FSB Insurance Service. My hair's so big because it's full of Insurance facts! For example, did you know that the famous Lloyd's Insurance Market in London started in a little coffee shop, not far from its current location, where merchants would insure their ships travelling to the New World in the 1600s?