Do You Know Your ERN? Here’s Why You Should…

Your ERN, or Employer Reference Number, is a unique set of letters and numbers used by the tax office to identify all employers in the UK. You will have one if you are an employer with employees above the PAYE threshold, and it’s of vital importance that you share this with your insurer. Here’s why…


Health And Safety (And Insurance)

This blog aims to help you improve the resilience of your business in dealing with civil law claims made against you, in proportion to the level of risk involved.


‘Working Away’ As A Shop Owner

As a shop owner, you make sure all activity on your premises insured, but it can be easy to get caught out as your insurance may not cover all your activity away from the physical shop. ‘Working away’ is a term used in the insurance world to describe any occasion in which you’re working away from your usual business premises.