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FSB Insurance Service’s No-Deal Brexit Advice

Last night’s vote doesn’t appear to give the UK a clearer view of what a post-Brexit Britain will look like, and it’s time to start preparing for a no-deal Brexit. We have compiled three key points that business owners should be looking at in order to make sure they aren’t caught out on 29th March.updated


Organic And Vegan Skincare Made In Battersea

We caught up with new FSB Insurance Service policyholder, Pauline Hili, of Nourish London, who have been manufacturing vegan and organic skincare since September 2011.


Protect Yourself Against Personal Guarantees

Personal Guarantees are an important component of acquiring finance for your business but the risk can be significant. It’s a very scary thing, signing a Personal Guarantee for your business, and few people would be totally comfortable with the risk involved no matter how secure their business is.

About Us

Welcome to your new FSB Insurance Service. From the 1st February 2018 we have been providing a range of services to help FSB Members future-proof their business by providing good quality insurance services alongside useful auxiliary services.

The FSB is woven into the very fabric of our business and we intend to provide the very best service that we can to you, the members.

The new FSB Insurance Service (or FSBIS for short) was created by the FSB, for FSB Members and is owned by the FSB. At the heart of our new offering are the three key principles of delivering good advice, quality products and good value insurance services.

We have both, as individuals, had long associations with the FSB and understand the pressures you’re under on a daily basis as a small business owner, and want to help you ensure the long-lasting success of your business.

David Perry (FSB Member since 1993) and Tim Lazenby (FSB Member since 1994)

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